I Knew I Loved You

By Amy DeMeritt

Falling in love with your best friend is simultaneously one of the most nerve-wracking, terrifying, and beautiful experiences of one's life – beautiful, if they reciprocate.

Dani is an introvert and has more walls than a Roman fortress. Her – gorgeous – best friend, Taylor, is an extrovert and one of only two people who’s ever been allowed inside Dani’s walls. They’ve been best friends for over seventeen years, and Dani has secretly been in love with her for nearly just as long. For the past several years, life and people have caused them to somewhat drift apart.

But when Taylor invites Dani to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to a luxury resort in Clearwater Beach, Florida, they get the space and solitude they need to hash out the reasons Dani has slowly closed her walls against Taylor and heal their friendship. And through the emotional reconnecting, something else blossoms between them, something Dani had always dreamed about and nearly lost hope of ever experiencing.

As their relationship transitions from one of friendship to one of passion, romance, and commitment, Dani and Taylor reevaluate their career paths, both helping each other to achieve what they want for their future. To follow her dreams to become an artist, Dani will have to learn how to control her ego, overcome her fears, and tear down the walls she’d spent most of her life erecting around her mind and heart.

Dani and Taylor have the kind of funny and cute chemistry that only comes from knowing someone through and through, and their love for each other is pure and beautiful, even before they know each other’s love runs deeper than friendship. You won’t be able to get enough of this lovely couple.

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