The Properties of Love Series, Book 1

By Tessa Vidal

Two women, one fake relationship, and a chance at real love.

“You’re beautiful, talented, and smart. Do you have what it takes to compete with me?”

In the glittering world of Hollywood, Charlotte Adams reigns supreme as the owner of Iconic California Estates, a boutique real estate agency. With her towering height, svelte frame, and striking violet eyes, she is the epitome of an ice queen. Her employees are intimidated by her, but few know that beneath her icy exterior lies a frightened girl who escaped a family of abusers.

When a rival realtor, Juliana Wilkinson, steals a client from ICE, Charlotte hires her as an agent. She sees potential in Juliana’s ambition and knows that she can bring more money to the company. As Juliana settles into her new role, she finds herself drawn to Charlotte’s mysterious demeanor. Despite their age gap and the fact that Juliana has never been with a woman before, they embark on a fake relationship to ward off the advances of a powerful client. Can Juliana break through the icy facade of Charlotte, or will their fake relationship be doomed to be just that- fake.

ICE is the first novel in the Properties Of Love series. Indulge in the allure of Hollywood’s most tantalizing love stories, where ice queens find their hearts thawed by the power of love.

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