I’m Not Scared…You Are

An Anthology of Thriller Stories

By Ocean

Fifteen tales that delve into the unexplainable world of the mystical and supernatural.

~ Spiders ~ Cemeteries ~ Skulls ~ Haunted Houses ~ Witches ~ And more!

Each story is uniquely designed to intrigue and delight while inviting sensations of foreboding, terror, and surprise.

A Good Day Fer A Burnin’
A Grave Digger’s Revenge
Diary from Hell’s Waiting Room
The Incredible Ionizing Nano Aerosol Eliminator
Dolly’s Place
Witch Tit Mountain
Spider Island
Say You’re Sorry
I.M. Strange
The STP Moths
Handy Bob
The Fog Flashlight
Skull Castle

You’re invited to enter these worlds of the bizarre and unusual. Simply get comfortable in a dim candle-lit room and turn the first page.

Author’s Note – Some of these stories have been previously published as stand-alone offerings or included in group anthologies.

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