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Fantasy Romance
Royalty / Aristocrat
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This is a lesbian omegaverse fantasy romance. If you're not a fan of alpha chicks with dicks, please click away.

I’m Yours

The Seventh Star Series, Book 3

By Lily X

Duty and desire—can Princess Amaris navigate the tricky world of High Nestian court when her own rival is her dear sister?

Amaris Brimwood knows what’s expected of her. She’s the heir to the Seventh Star, and as her Sire grows closer to retirement, Ris’ time as Queen is fast approaching.

Between honing her skills to lead her people and fighting the omega-leadership bias, her dear mother’s pleas to find a mate before she ascends the throne fall on deaf ears. Ris is not looking for anything that will distract her from her duties—certainly not two Alphas nicknamed the Terror Twins.

Yogi Sweetwater and Sage Starquist couldn’t be more different. Yogi is a walking tragicomedy, and Sage hardly takes a break from frowning to laugh at her best friend’s jokes. After returning from a two-year outstation posting along the borders, the Alphas find themselves in a distinctly uncomfortable situation with Ris in the center. The three of them are scent-compatible, and try as they might, the connection between them is undeniably electric.

The only problem is—there’s never been a Royal Nest before.

As the mates try to navigate their relationship without exposing their newfound love, trouble brews in the royal family. Ris is used to biased opposition from her court—after all, she is the first omega Queen to ascend the throne.

But when her opponent is her Alpha sister, things get a little more complicated. And a lot more heartbreaking.

Available through Kindle Unlimited
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