In Dreams

By Lise Gold

What if your new patient turns out to be your celebrity crush?

In the world of morning television, Rebecca Pandey shines as the charismatic producer and host of an animal programme, but behind the facade, she battles nightmares that refuse to let her rest. Desperate for relief, she turns to a specialist known for unravelling the most perplexing subconscious puzzles.

Out and proud dream therapist Emma Parker feels conflicted when her new client turns out to be her secret celebrity crush. Always professional, she keeps her distance, but their sessions become a struggle once she delves into the realm of Rebecca’s dreams and learns the attraction may not be just one-sided.

Uncovering layers of suppressed emotions and desires, they discover a long-buried truth that challenges Rebecca’s traditional background and turns her world upside-down. Will Rebecca find the strength to defy her family’s expectations and embrace the love she never knew she craved? And will Emma finally find her happily ever after?

‘In Dreams’ weaves a narrative of courage, self-acceptance, authenticity, and the transformative power of dreams.

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