It’s Not Always Murder

The Kate Ryan Mystery Series, Book 8

By Kate Sweeney

Things are quiet at Ryan, Costello, and Winfield Investigations.

Too quiet. So naturally, Hannah has time to arrange their Chicago neighborhood office; it now looks like a 1940s newsroom, equipped with retro candlestick phones. Kate Ryan can do nothing but watch any control she foolishly thought she had slip away. She tries to concentrate on their first real client, well, clients—a small group who owns businesses down the street from Kate.

Toni O’Hara and Alana Sanders own The Rising Sun Café and recently had a break-in. Roxanne Dubois had a similar problem with her tattoo parlor. Oh, and so had Mrs. and Mrs. Chen, who own the Chinese restaurant. And not to be left out, Marty Vincent, another business owner, had the same vandalism problem. With no sign of a forced entry and nothing missing, the police write it off as a prank, but Toni O’Hara is not so sure. Perhaps it’s the frightening pumpkin left in their shop windows. Someone is definitely terrorizing her and the others.

While Kate wonders how to handle this, Hannah invites everyone to a benefit dinner at the swanky Drake Hotel. It’s Halloween. It’s rainy, it’s foggy, it’s eerie and creepy; a dead body is all they need. But Hannah, ever the adorable optimist, reminds Kate—it’s not always murder.

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