By Susie Ray

Strait-laced Isabella finds her strict upbringing values at risk when she meets art student Carly, but it's only a one-off meeting, thankfully, of has fate other ideas...?

4 Short stories of Women loving Women

Izzy – Isabella is a serious young woman intent on doing very well at university and she has no time for partying, much to the chagrin of her roommate Margot, but they have reached the end of their studies and are both pleased with the quality of the work they have handed in, and Margot persuades her to attend the end of year bash, even just for a little while.

After a false-start with Carly, an art student, when Margot introduces them, they begin to get along, but when Carly is distracted by her own friends, Isabella slips away to pack ready for going home in the morning – they are never likely to meet again anyhow.

How wrong could she be? She never expected Izzy to turn-up in her workplace, or to fall in love with her, when her own passion erupted as suddenly as Mt Etna once did. She certainly never expected to pose naked for her; what is this hold she has over Isabella?

Love is all around – Gill was embarrassed about her ‘feelings’ for her best friend Carol when they were at school together, but time and separation have enabled her to bury them somewhere deep inside. Is it merely on a whim that Gill gets in touch so they might catch-up while she is back in town, for a job-interview, or are there other forces at play?

Gill gets the job and gets the girl – find out how…

Dorset Holiday allows all Cindy’s dreams to come true. Introducing a trans-gender character

Makronissos is the ideal place for four girls to rediscover themselves.

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