Janie One More Time

The Hopefuls Series, Book 3

By Jenn Gott

Supervillains are easy—it’s high school that may do her in.

Former comic book artist Jane Maxwell likes to think she’s adjusted pretty well to life as a superhero. She’s got full command of her powers, her wife’s back from the dead, and she’s launched a thriving new comics company. It’s a lot to juggle, but she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

But trading her life is exactly what happens when a villain transports her to a parallel world and body-swaps her with a version of herself twenty years younger. Trapped in the year 2000, Jane will need to juggle high school drama, a surprising new ally, and math she’s long since forgotten how to do… all while finding some way to get back to the body and life she belongs in, before either she or her younger self can mess up each other’s futures for good.

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