Journey To You

By Charlotte Mills

Can a holiday romance really last?

Thirty-four year old Sasha Featherstone has been at a top accountancy firm in the city for almost six years. Unfortunately there is very little else in her life, when her employer is accused of financial irregularities Sasha jumps at the chance of volunteer redundancy. Deciding on a six-month trip around the US, Sasha begins city hopping from west to east starting in San Francisco, although enjoying the new sights and sounds she encounters along the way she cannot escape the feeling of loneliness that follows her. Sasha’s decision to drive the next part of her journey resulting in her washing up in the sleepy town of Nottwood, South Carolina. Deciding to stick around for a few days to recover from her traveling, a chance meeting with fellow visitor Max Butler sparks an attraction that encourages Sasha to stay a little longer.

With a mutual interest in running, they begin meeting regularly for a jog around the scenic Newberry Lake. During these sessions, they reveal their individual backstories. Sasha soon develops feelings for Max, is this what she has been looking for, what has been missing in her life for so long? Or is it just a holiday fling? Is she prepared to take a leap of faith to see if her relationship with Max is worth changing her life?

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