Kit Adams

By AJ Estelliam

Kit Adam’s year is going from bad to worse.

After being dumped by her girlfriend, Kit heads out into the night only to find herself broken even further when she becomes part of a road-traffic accident. Thrown through the windshield, Kit suffers a life-changing head wound which leaves her irrevocably changed. When she wakes, Kit knows things she shouldn’t, senses people’s emotions and has developed a psychic ability which is undeniable-as every single thing she predicts or knows is accurate.

Sick of overprotective parents fussing over her after her accident, Kit heads to Scotland for a holiday. She wants to get away from it all in the remotest, quietest place she can find-and what better place than a snow-laden peaceful cabin in the middle of nowhere.

When Kit arrives, she is immediately shaken by the calls from a woman in need. Instinctively, she knows that the woman has been beaten and raped and Kit knows she needs to do something if the woman is going to survive. After calling the police, Kit meets Detective Grey West-a stunningly attractive policewoman with the most unique eyes she’s ever seen-one is emerald green and the other caramel brown-what makes it stranger is Kit realises she’s been dreaming about this woman and her eyes, but she doesn’t know why.

With Kit’s new psychic ability under question by the police and a murder investigation under way, Kit finds herself informing the police of things she cannot possibly know. As the investigation unfolds, Kit finds herself drawn ever closer to Grey-a woman whose dark past had prevented her from finding her own personal happiness. Can they work together to solve the case and find a love for each other in the process? Find out in… Kit Adams.

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