The Threads Series, Book 3

By Adrian Page

Are some wounds too deep, to ancient, to ever heal?

What does your past mean for your present? Are some wounds too deep, too ancient, to ever heal?

Nes Macnamera’s life is quiet, and it is consistent. Ever since her mother disappeared when she was a child, she has lived in the same town, been around the same people, and spent every day trying not to think about her mother. That all changes when Lia Costa comes to town in search of her mother. Their connection is electric and intense: so much so that it shocks Nes off the rails of her routine into her own cross-state search. Something she never thought she would do. Together they cross state lines, searching for a woman who might very well have become a ghost.

But the threads connecting them to their pasts, and to each other, are more knotted than meets the eye.

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