Knotty Valentine

By Amity Malcom

Knotty Valentine is a fast-paced, spicy, shibari themed sapphic novella that will have you laughing out loud, swooning from the heat, and wanting to be all sorts of tied up.

With a name like Valentine Love and a birthday that falls on the most romantic night of the year, you would think that I’m all about true love, long-stemmed roses, and delicious chocolate covered strawberries.

You’d be wrong.

By day, I spend my time advocating for scorned clients as they watch their happily ever after fall apart in front of them.

By night, I hide from the messy world, avoiding love at all costs.

When my best friend all but drags me to the hottest queer bar in New York City to celebrate my birthday on my least favorite night of the year, I expect to have a few drinks and maybe a few laughs before returning home alone.

But when I lock eyes with the beautiful burlesque dancer on stage, I quickly find the world as I know it tilting on its axis while all my rules of staying away from love come crumbling down.

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