Lady Lust

By Cailee Francis and Zarla Dawn

Escape into the captivating realm of Lady Lust.

Lady Lust is a deliciously-detailed, explicit collection of 10 F/F erotic short stories celebrating the passionate lust (and physical love) between women.

1. Sp*nked and F*cked by My Hot Lesbian Boss
2. Sweetly Seduced by My Lady Love
3. I Slipped in a Puddle… and into Her Bed
4. L*cked Out by My Boss in a Broken Elevator
5. I Watched My Neighbour Making Love, Until She Spotted Me and Invited Me Over For Some Fun
6. Caught Pleasuring Herself While Reading Her Friend’s Diary
7. L*cked in my Dream by my Lesbian Lover
8. Pleasured by a Beautiful Forest Nymph
9. Seduced and L*cked Out by Mira, the Sexy Bar Owner
10. L*cked by a Friend During a Horror Film

This collection of 10 erotic short stories is around 19,000 words in length, and it features strong adult (sexy!) content. Enjoy this collection and escape into the captivating realm of Lady Lust.

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