Let Me Be Yours

The Seventh Star Series, Book 1

By Lily X

A grieving King, a lost island girl, and a love that changes them forever…

After losing her intended Mate, Artemis Brimwood, future King of Nestia, is bereft. Broken. Beyond consolation. There’s simply no room in her heart for someone else—anyone else. Yet her mother’s incessant pressure to wed and continue the Brimwood name leads Art to Aeryn Sweetwater, an island girl at heart who desires nothing more than her mother and her Alpha’s approval.

But Art doesn’t need a Mate—she has no use for one. So she concocts a mutually beneficial scheme with Aeryn: the omega will agree to bear her pups through artificial insemination, and they will lead separate, fulfilling lives. Everyone’s happy.

But there’s more to Aeryn than meets the eye, and day after day, Art falls deeper into the spell cast by bouncing curls, milky moonlit skin and a soft, submissive heart.

Just as balance is restored to Art’s life, the past returns to hurt those she loves the most.

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