Light My Candles

By Roz Alexander

After all these years, can two friends finally be honest with each other?

Lauren and Shira, now both in their twenties, haven’t seen each other since summer camp when Lauren constantly had salad in her braces and Shira hadn’t grown into her limbs yet. Now, the mutual need for a roommate brings them back together and they both discover that a whole lot has changed.

First of all, puberty worked its magic and Shira really fills out her wardrobe of tailored men’s suits and work boots after dozens of hours in the gym.

Lauren may still be the same timid girl who hid under the bleachers at her prom, but now she knows what she wants and it’s spelled S-h-i-r-a. But will she be able to seduce her lifelong friend and gorgeous roommate?

“Light My Candles” is a steamy short friends-to-lovers lesbian romance (HEA!) featuring butch-femme Jewish love in the big city.

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