Longing In Nashville

The Nashville Love Series, Book 4

By Jenn Bridges

Perfect if you love a story with witty side characters, friends who are family, and fake relationships that become real.

Paige has seen too many heartbroken people to be interested in love. As Nashville’s one and only Breakup Coordinator it’s her job to help people navigate through their breakups. Her one rule, never date a client. But that line blurs when Paige is hired to play the part of Alice Porter’s girlfriend. She’s never broken her one rule, but could Alice be someone worth breaking the rules for?

Alice Porter is intelligent, successful, and the first openly gay woman to run for mayor in Nashville. Her campaign manager has been promising the press they’ll get to see Alice’s girlfriend. But when her girlfriend breaks up with her, Alice needs a stand in girlfriend to show the press fast. Paige is breathtakingly beautiful, funny, charming, and hard not to fall for. Alice knows Paige has a rule about dating clients but she finds herself falling for the woman anyway. Damaging secrets from Paige’s past resurface and threaten to ruin the campaign. Can the two of them find their way through together?

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