Lost and Found

The Evie Chester Case Files Series, Book 1

By Nita Round

The origin story of Evie Chester from Towers of the Earth series.

Evie has a special gift. Her unusual power can absorb the illness from a person. Abandoned by her family, she is alone in the world. Evie must come to terms with what and who she is.

The world is a dangerous place for her kind. To some she is a healer, others call her cursed. To the gangster who controls her, she is a ticket out of the dark streets of Bristelle. A key to unlock doors, influence and control the well to do members of society.

When all feels lost, she finds another gifted. For the first time she dares to hope for a future, where she is free and accepted.

To survive and protect everything she holds dear, she must test the boundaries of her powers. When she infects her friend, it is imperative she learns to control and amplify her powers fast…. as both their lives depend on it.

(The Evie Chester Case Files is set in the same world as the Towers of the Earth fantasy series).

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