Love and Chaos

By Poppy Woods

The second collapse changed the world forever.

Cris has spent her entire life in her Tribe. Safe from the pollution that still clings to more populated areas, they grow crops to sell in the Cities, they hunt for their meat, and they take care of their own. Their rural way of life ensures the politics of the Cities doesn’t reach them.

Until one day, it does.

Like all orphans, Love Ward was conscripted into the Venus Guard as a child. She has done her best to take the opportunity and make it into a career, something she can be proud of. The Venus Guard is her family.

But the New Republic has secrets, the kind of secrets that can get a low-ranking officer like Love reassigned and even killed if she’s not careful.

When chaos erupts around them, the two women find themselves at odds but with only each other to rely on. Their shared past and the growing attraction between them can only serve as a distraction as they fight for their lives.

Can a guard from the Cities and a girl from the Tribes expose the New Republic’s dirty secrets?

Can they change their world without losing their lives—or their hearts?

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