Love Comes Calling

By Susie Ray

Career driven Fay, didn't expect to feel a connection when she was introduced to Julia, but it was a meeting about to change her life, for the better.

Love Comes Calling is a gentle, but explicit love story, with its share of tragedy, but love cushions the blows.

Fay was having dinner with a friend of her cousin and apparently, one of her friends too. It was meant to be purely a distraction after Fay put had her all into her new posting in Cheltenham, but she reckoned without the spark she felt immediately for Julia.

Their connection took them both by surprise – neither of them were looking for anything more than a pleasant night out. Julia was still miffed with her ex and Fay, well, she just wanted to learn more about her new town… Why did the words of her ex-boss suddenly spring to mind? “Don’t make my mistake – you are young enough to make a good life for yourself, if you just make time!”

Making New Memories is more than a friends to lovers, story; Patti wants to do something special for Mare, not least of all, to show her gratitude for all that Mare has done for her, and for being there when she needed her most. She organises a holiday in Cyprus, where Mare has happy memories of past family holidays.

Their plan is to make new memories, and bond even further, but will it work out as intended, or is the past a ghost, too hard to overcome?

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