Love in the Slow Lane

By Susie Ray

Life on a canal longboat suits Olivia perfectly - she didn't expect to meet her soulmate living in a lock-keepers cottage.

Love in the Slow Lane – Olivia has led quite a sheltered existence, being raised by her paternal grandparents after losing her mother and father within two years of each other, and after a successful time at university, she decides to take time for herself before looking for work. A tender romance builds between Olivia and Shelley, the new owner of the lock-keeper’s cottage, enjoying the slow pace of life on and beside the canals of Worcestershire, as they discover more about each other.
Olivia lands a job working for the canal trust – her reports, together with Shelley’s talent for sketching, gives a new outlet for Shelley and brings them even closer as a couple, but will it last?

My Love and Music –Debbie and Mo seemed destined for each other after meeting at a slumber party when Debbie was just a girl. Years later their love evolves into something special, with Grace their daughter, being the result as well as the apple of their eyes, but Grace has another gift, other than making her mothers’ lives complete.
Grace has a love for music and it becomes her life until she allows Ami’s love to influence her and nurture her talents to grow. A chance meeting with a total stranger adds a new depth to her own enjoyment of her music as an unexpected connection becomes evident. But it’s not all plain sailing as she collapses after a charity performance, suffering from leukaemia. It’s touch-and-go for a while, but thanks to those around her she recovers and devotes her life to helping others, repaying her gift for music.

Best Friends has a few twists and turns, amid their passion before Paige and Lucy drift apart. When Paige meets Carla, it is as pre-natal-class buddies, but Carla steps up when Lucy doesn’t and she is always there. Will love blossom, and they settle down to a perfect life together with a little bundle of joy called Amy?

Sophie is a godsend to her adopted local community and to Ginny in particular, at her time of need, and when she stays on to care for Ginny, Sophie, unloads about her mother. A bond develops between the two women- if only there could be a future in it…

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