Love Match

By Susie Ray

Kat and Maggie play so well together on the tennis court, can they play a tie-break in the bedroom?

Women loving Women short stories

Love Match

Kat has admired Maggie from a distance, but when Maggie’s doubles tennis partner has an accident on County Championship weekend, and she calls upon Kat to stand in, she doesn’t know how to say no. She discovers that there is a lot she can’t say no to, even though she thinks that Maggie is in a different league to her.

Kat has made caring for others and trying to ease their pain, her calling, and never a thought for herself, until she plays beyond her usual abilities, alongside Maggie and allows herself to attend the tennis club Championship, dinner with her new tennis partner. Where will it lead – is the sky, the limit?

Better than Chocolate

Ginny has a thing for her language teacher, the sexy Mademoiselle Lafayette, and is keen to do anything to get into her good books, but she couldn’t have known where it would lead. She earns her lesbian badge, and no, it doesn’t contravene any student teacher relationship rules, but it’s only sex, divine, though it may be.

Her real story begins later, when she makes good use of her excellent language skills, and she finds, just how much more, loving can add to her sexual experiences.

Accidental Lesbian

May doesn’t think she could possibly be a lesbian, until Lesley, her best friend’s cousin proves otherwise in one night of passion. It isn’t until an accidental meeting with Nora, that she gets a chance to practice her new skills, and pet names for each other, aren’t the only things they exchange…


Has Zoe’s luck, finally run out, or is to just beginning? Her application for the position of Companion to Emily, is a desperate act, as she is about to lose her home, but she cannot bring herself to lie or even exaggerate her experience and she is brutally honest. Emily sees her candour as refreshing and invites Zoe for an interview – but where will it lead?

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