Love Under Lockdown

Lesfic Bard Award

The Isabel and Friends, Book 4

By Maggie McIntyre

Three loving couples, one spring in lockdown. Can passion prevail?

Locked down under the Covid19 pandemic, Isabel Bridgford has never felt so frightened. Bryony, the love of her life, risks her life daily as a doctor in the I.C. Unit of an overwhelmed London hospital. How can Isabel keep her adored young wife safe, and also bring back joy into her troubled soul?

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Alana, Isabel’s closest friends, have their own crushing disappointments to surmount. Their wedding has been cancelled and their plans to move to the USA, crushed. But life moves on, and as lockdown continues they painfully discover that true love can conquer everything, if one decides never to give up.

Isabel’s oldest friend, Jane, and her new fiancée, Jenni, seem able to sustain their happiness in a bubble of romantic bliss. But Jenni faces a huge challenge to raise a vast amount of money at very short notice, otherwise her African girls’ project will face collapse. It is not only Jane’s enthusiastic love-making which keeps Jenni awake at night.

As the strangest of springs unfolds, these three sets of friends cope with the challenges Covid 19 brings, and learn new ways to share their love and friendship, sometimes with unlikely people.

This passionate contemporary lesbian romance from award winning author, Maggie McIntyre, will lift your spirits, tug at your heart-strings and remind you of the power of love, even when you live through the most difficult of times. It is fourth in the series, “Isabel and friends.”

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