Lover Eternal

The Fire & Ice Series, Book 3

By Idella Breen

A love most eternal will prevail even on the darkest of nights.

When Integra offers Snow a seat on the United Monster’s Council, she is eager to accept, but her mother will only allow it under one condition.

“Make them love you.”

Snow met her mother’s gaze with quiet determination. “And if I can’t?”

Integra grinned, showing off white, shiny teeth. “Then strike the fear of the gods in them. They will regret not loving you.”

Now tasked with the mission of building up her notoriety, Snow must make a name for herself in the monster world. Too bad something or someone wants her dead. As Snow and Cait fall deeper into a world ruled by hidden kings and ancient creatures, governed by ambiguous laws, they will have to fight to keep what they hold most dear. A love most eternal will prevail, even on the darkest of nights.

Also contains the short novella called Adventures of Elena the Werewolf.

While Elena’s parents are away, she is having her own little adventure. Along with slaying imaginary dragons and beating up rude boys, Elena might just discover a little bit of puppy love.

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