Mallory’s Rule

By Natalie Debrabandere

When love strikes, surrender rules

Mallory James, a local sheriff on the US/Mexico border, works hard and plays hard. When not patrolling the border, or keeping the peace on the streets of Yota, Arizona, she indulges her dominant tastes at a Phoenix BDSM club.

Afghan asylum seeker, Asha Sakandar, has fled the prospect of torture and persecution at home. Crossing illegally into the US, she surrenders to the only law enforcement officer present who makes her feel safe: a woman with a badge, a weapon, and a gorgeous commanding streak which stirs her submissive nature.

In Mallory, Asha finds a patient teacher, a ruthless protector, and a demanding Mistress. Soon, though, a familiar threat surfaces, and threatens to destroy everything. When forbidden emotions flare, and rules are broken, will Mallory be bold enough to face her own fears, and save them both?

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