Mending Bones

The Leicester Trilogy, Book 3

By Merlina Garance

After years of resisting temptation, can a week in a seaside cottage lead Claire to finally fall for Estelle?

Claire, a Detective Inspector in her late forties, has known and worked with Estelle for many years. Ever since they met, it felt like there could have been something more there: Estelle’s gentle flirting and compliments have been a constant in Claire’s life, but her self confidence never allowed her to truly believe the other woman meant anything by it.

Until one day, Claire breaks her leg and finds out soon after that Estelle has decided to retire from the police, at only 56. Something doesn’t feel right there, but before Claire can begin to ask more questions, Estelle offers to take her away to her seaside cottage for a week. After all, with Claire on sick leave and Estelle retired, they both have the time.

Surely a week of lazy mornings, too much food and wine, and walks through the countryside aren’t enough to make Claire fall when she’s resisted for so long?

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