Midnight Magic

The Alumita Fantasy Lesbian Romance Anthology

By Cameron Darrow

Few illusions are more effective than the ones you make for yourself.

A second-class citizen with a shattered heart, Vimika is ready to start her life over. But as a freelance wizard in Atvalia, that’s easier said than done. So when she’s offered a job that could afford her that new life several times over, what choice does she have but to take it? Yes, it involves tracking down something that is either impossible or highly illegal, but money solves everyone else’s problems, why not hers? Because no deception is more powerful than self-deception. Now cut off from her magic in the middle of a job she should never have taken, Vimika must confront herself in more ways than one. Trapped alone with a wizard out of time, she’ll have to fight not only the illusions keeping them imprisoned but the ones guarding her heart. Failure might trap them both forever, while success could grant them a freedom neither has ever known. Or get them killed.
At least she’d never have to wake up with a hangover again.

The first entry in the Alumita fantasy lesbian romance anthology!

—One world, many hearts— The Alumita romance anthology presents fantasy stories from across cultures over thousands of years that don’t ask if women can love each other, only how. Outcasts, princesses, wizards and more embrace the familiar in the unfamiliar, finding strength in the one force more powerful than even the strongest magic.

This comedic fantasy romance is Cameron Darrow’s first standalone novel. For fans of Terry Pratchett or Christopher Moore, and women who love other women. With pointy ears.

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