Mistaken Identity

By Donna Jay

The course of lesbian true love is about as smooth as a porcupine in this quirky dramedy of errors.

On a scale of awkward to totally catastrophic, Kelly Bennett has managed to hit every level of “Oh. My. God.” in just one night.

Kelly decides her older, uptight girlfriend Paula needs a bit of loosening up during her birthday party. When she finds her curled up in bed, Kelly leaps her bones, adds a few restraints and kinky sex, and one satisfied lover later, sneaks out… only to run into her girlfriend, Paula, in the hallway.

After the shock wears off, leaving a puddle of guilt, recriminations, and a now ex-girlfriend, Kelly’s left with one burning question: who was that woman in the bedroom? Was it Paula’s best friend? Her deplorable assistant? One of her flatmates?

And why did she go along with it?

There’s nothing left for it: Kelly’s on a mission to find out and apologise.

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