Monsieur Tiddles

By Susie Ray

Who knew the crumpled 'old woman' Mary helps in the supermarket, could make her forget all her woes - even her cat seems to love her!

A collection of three love stories, of Women loving Women

Monsieur Tiddles. A chance meeting at the local supermarket, has far reaching implications for Mary and Alice. Mary is still reeling from having her life thrown into disarray, but is making the best of life in the South West, while Alice is just trying to muddle through and ignore the pain that keeps her on edge – her cat Tiddles provides distraction and company. Mary takes a leap of faith and tries to improve Alice’s lot and neither saw the results creeping up on them.

Love in Almeria follows the paths of Jenny and Sara as Sara tries to convince Jenny to follow her heart, not her mother’s pre-conceived life plan for her. It’s a battle to ignore parental influence, but Jenny comes to realise that the benefits far outweigh her fears if only she could get her Mom’s blessing. Maybe life in Almeria might work in Sara’s favour?

Forces Widows sees an unlikely alliance between two grieving women, Maddy and Brooke, not ready to move on and betray the memories of their spouses. They meet at the Memorial to their fallen partners, and strike-up a self-help arrangement, not expecting the full consequences, or the attraction that builds between them.

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