My Aunt, The Vampire

By Autumn Wolff

Being rescued from a cult by a vampire and dating a siren will really expand your worldview.

A sweet YA Lesbian Vampire Romance about a girl rescued from an abusive cult and adopted into a loving family of monsters.

Vedalia’s coming out didn’t exactly go as planned. Instead of living the queer life of her dreams, she wound up being kidnapped by a cult run by her grandfather. And after being chained in a basement for a month, things look pretty grim. That is. . . until a mysterious woman breaks her out.

The woman turns out to be a vampire, and she introduces herself as Vedalia’s estranged aunt Becky. The vampire offers to take her niece in and give her a new life. Eager to escape her grandfather, Vedalia accepts Becky’s offer and soon finds herself the new daughter of a vampire and a witch.

Starting fresh in Maine, Vedalia meets Becky’s wife, Jazmine. With the help of her new monster family, she begins to put the pieces of her life back together: starting her senior year of high school, making new friends, and even dating a mysterious girl with a few secrets of her own.

Jazmine and Becky give their niece the free, queer life she’s always wanted. And it isn’t long before she’s fully immersed in a life of supernatural adventure.

But the shadow of Vedalia’s grandfather stretches far across the country. Between monster hunters and the cult Vedalia narrowly escaped, the teen soon realizes she’ll have to fight to keep the new life she’s been given. Of course, she won’t be alone. And she might not be entirely human once everything is said and done.

My Aunt, The Vampire is a cute lesbian paranormal romance about a girl who thought she lost everything, only to be given a new life and loving family when she needs them most. This story is full of sweet moments, tender exchanges, and a lesson that sometimes the family you make is better than the one you’re given at birth.

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