My College Crush

By Reba Bale

She kissed a girl…and then the girl married a man.

Miranda and Elizabeth were best friends throughout college. They shared everything: the same dorm room, the same group of friends, the same major. Until the night that their friendship became something more, and they shared their first lesbian experience.

The next morning Elizabeth was gone, leaving only a note. She transferred schools and married the “perfect” man her rich parents picked out for her. Other than glimpses in the society pages, Miranda never heard from her again.

Fifteen years later Miranda walks into a Lesbian Spirituality Retreat in the mountains and to her complete shock, one of the other participants is Elizabeth, the woman who broke her heart all those years ago.

Elizabeth spent ten years of her life married to a man she didn’t love and keeping up appearances for her controlling parents. When she finally broke away, they disowned her. But now she’s living life on her own terms: reading tarot cards, doing yoga, eating vegetarian, and dating women.

Seeing Miranda again is like finding the missing piece of her soul. But after the way she broke her friend’s heart, she’s going to have to work hard to convince the other woman that she’s changed and ready to commit to a long-term love with her college crush.

“My College Crush” is book four in the “Friends to Lovers” romantic novella series. Each book in the series is a steamy standalone featuring an LGBTQ couple making the leap from friends to lovers and looking for their “happily ever after”.

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