My Mimosa Pudica

By Amy DeMeritt

They have their own reasons not to date, but when the figurative door is opened, neither can resist the impulse to see where it leads.

Love and marriage are leaps of faith with no guarantee that either will last or that the journey will meet one’s hopes and expectations. Nina Nielsen and her best friends know that all too well and all of them have suffered the stings of betrayal, in more ways than one. After Nina’s divorce over four years ago, she decided to swear off love and romance forever. But when she contacts a landscaper to create her dream garden, the instant attraction she feels for Mariana Garza is not just skin deep. And the more she gets to know her, the more she wants to know.

A little over eight months ago, Mariana became the primary caregiver for her grandfather after he suffered a stroke. Between the added expenses for his care and a slow economy, she’s struggling to make ends meet. But her luck seems to turn around when she meets Nina. And the more time they spend together, Mariana begins to view Nina as more than a client – maybe they could be friends.

The lines between client and service provider blur. Nina begins to question everything she once believed about love and marriage. And Mariana wonders if she could make a relationship work while caring for her grandfather. But when trouble brews in a friend’s relationship, Nina worries that she’s making a mistake and that she’s going to end up with a broken heart again.

Will Nina be able to make that giant leap of faith and commit herself to Mariana? And can their relationship survive the challenges of an elderly dependent?

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