My Valentine’s Gift

By Reba Bale

The only thing worse than getting dumped on Valentine’s Day is having it happen in front of the mean girl who terrorized you all through school.

Mia doesn’t know what’s wrong with her. Every time she thinks she’s found “the one” she gets her heart broken. But having her girlfriend announce that she’s bad in bed while publicly breaking up with her in a restaurant on Valentine’s Day seems like a new low. Especially with her old high school nemesis sitting at the next table.

Colleen has two major regrets in life: not holding onto those Microsoft stocks she inherited from her grandfather, and being a horrible bully to her high school rival Mia. When she runs into Mia in a restaurant right as her girlfriend breaks up with her, she knows this is her second chance to make things right. And maybe even become friends…

Mia might not believe that she’s changed, but Colleen’s going to do everything she can to convince her former rival that enemies to lovers isn’t just something that happens in a romance book.

“My Valentine’s Gift” is book eight in the “Friends to Lovers” romantic novella series. Each book in the series is a standalone featuring an LGBTQ couple making the leap from friends to lovers and looking for their “happily ever after”. If you like steamy but sweet romances with lots of snark, download this lesbian romance today.

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