Never Again

The Perfect Blend Series, Book 2

By Teresa Purkis

Finding Love and Family, A Perfect Continuation With Heart and Soul!

Never Again follows Bren on her healing journey of discovery.

After Bren had been wrongly accused of inappropriate behaviour, and with her teaching career in ruins, she has returned home, defeated and penniless, to look after her infirm, bigoted father. During the six years she has been back, Bren has immersed all her pent-up emotions into her writing.

Marie is a presenter on the local radio station, and is in the middle of a messy divorce from her wife. She will do anything to honour the prenup she signed.

Bren uses The Perfect Blend coffeehouse to launch her latest novel. Marie covers the launch, but her boss has manipulated the recording, casting Bren in an unfavourable light. Demanding an on-air apology, Bren agrees to meet Marie, having vowed never again to be bullied.

Will Bren start to trust once more and will Marie’s integrity win through? Will a path be smoothed towards their goals? Or will outside influences scupper both their chances for happiness?

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