Night & Day

The Taste of Port Andrea Series, Book 3

By Lily Seabrooke

Living with an Instragram influencer might be even worse than losing her business.

Parker Ferris needed a roommate, but for the crabby ball of snark she is, maybe upbeat Instagram lifestyle influencer Cassie Peterson wasn’t the best choice.

Not like she had a choice: with her business rival Gary Founders crushing her coffee supply business, and her family still needing money, she’s eager to save rent. But it’s only delaying the inevitable.

When a contentious roommate agreement becomes an alliance to keep Parker’s business alive, the attraction between them is nothing but a spark to Parker, a bit of fun to pass the nights with. Cassie, on the other hand, doesn’t know how to feel anything in half measures when it comes to the girl she’s crushed on for months—which is even more of a problem when her fans don’t know she’s gay.

Stopping Gary Founders’ company seems like an impossible task. But confronting feelings both of them have spent a lifetime hiding from might be even more of a challenge.

Night & Day is a 100,000-word opposites-attract roommate romance in the Taste of Port Andrea collection, an unordered collection of culinary romances set in the fictional city of Port Andrea. Features a minor celebrity who’s afraid of her followers finding out she’s actually a raging lesbian, a thoroughly hateable antagonist who gets what’s coming to him, a business owner who only really started a business to avoid getting out of bed, and a lot of coffee. Content warnings for open-door sex scenes, crushing debt and ugly family dynamics, threats of outing, Gary’s whole existence as a horrible human being but especially his ugly ties, and poor Parker getting dragged out of bed in the mornings to do warrior pose for half a million fans, when she generally doesn’t want to do anything but eat ice cream in bed alone.

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