Northern Vows

The Compass Series, Book 5

By Lise Gold

The wedding we've all been waiting for!

Their love story began over a magical Christmas holiday and now Hannah and Kristine have returned to Norway to stay at Espen and Dani’s new eco-resort. They are excited to be taking part in the festivities surrounding Midsummer’s Eve, but they also have a bigger celebration to plan. This time, there will be no sad goodbyes because this time, they’re getting married!

Madison, Ally, and Theo, along with the supporting cast of the ‘The Compass Series,’ all have their part to play in making Hannah and Kristine’s wedding a memorable one. For Kate and Felicia, this trip is a chance to reconnect after too much time spent apart, but they are faced with another important decision, one that could change their lives forever.

Daisy, a waitress at The Radley and aspiring photographer, is delighted to be responsible for their wedding pictures. Yet, when her lens meets a bathing Scandinavian beauty in the early hours of the day, she captures way more than she bargained for.

Take part in the fun as Northern Vows connects the characters from Northern Lights, Southern Roots, Eastern Nights, and Western Shores with love, lust, laughter, and a little bit of trouble in paradise…

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