Of Wulf and Wynd: Part 3

An F/F Omegaverse Fantasy Romance

The Kingdoms of Gyldren Series, Book 3

By Lexa Luthor

Every secret has a price.

In accordance with the terms of their marriage, Princess Roswynd and Prince Tharon must visit the Kingdom of White Sommer and Tharon’s family. Behind closed doors, Tharon asks a lord to assist her in seeking permanent peace for her kingdom. But Tharon must hide her plans from her power-hungry brother, Saxon, who wishes to restart the war.

Meanwhile, Roswynd has a chance to further investigate the murder of Tharon’s mother, Edeva. She quickly determines that Eustace Blakesley’s journals may hold valuable information about Edeva’s death. However, the journals are secured in Saxon’s bedchambers. Once Roswynd steals them, she uncovers more dark secrets within the House of Blakesley. Secrets that could dearly cost Roswynd and Tharon.

* * *
Part 3, The Journals of Eustace Blakesley, is the third of four parts to the Of Wulf and Wynd novel from The Kingdoms of Gyldren series. It includes F/F Omegaverse*, Fantasy Romance, Royalty & Nobility, Murder Mystery, Enemies-to-Lovers, G!P*, and an unresolved ending.

Words: 100,000

*See the author’s blog for more details about Omegaverse and related terms

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