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Of Wulf and Wynd: Part 1

The Vows of Marriage

The Kingdoms Of Gyldren Series, Book 1

By Lexa Luthor

Princess Tharon and Princess Roswynd were best of friends as pups; now they are enemies and forced to marry each other.

The Kingdom of White Sommer and the Kingdom of Wyndfeld had been united and strong. Princess Tharon of White Sommer grew up with her best friend Princess Roswynd of Wyndfeld, both having vowed to always be together. But it all came crashing down when Tharon’s mother was murdered by Roswynd’s family. The two kingdoms plunged into a dark, bloody war of revenge and hatred. After ten long years at war, the kingdoms agree to a ceasefire, but under the condition of a forced marriage between the two princesses.

Tharon becomes the Prince and Lord Commander of the White Sommer Army and a knight known as the Black Wulf. She has dedicated her life to conquering Wyndfeld and avenging her mother’s murder. Even better, she finally gets to claim Roswynd as her Omega. Now nothing can stop her from having it all.

Roswynd grew up broken and enraged over Tharon’s betrayal of their friendship pact. Now forced to marry Tharon, she is at a loss with her new wife, finding no remnants of her best friend under Tharon’s cold exterior. She gives her wedding vows to Tharon, but she knows their vows are based on lies. She will protect her kingdom from Tharon.

As Tharon and Roswynd play the game, they both discover they must choose between honoring their wedding vows or their vows to their kingdom.

Part 1, The Vows of Marriage, is the first of three parts to the Of Wulf and Wynd novel from The Kingdoms of Gyldren series. It includes F/F Omegaverse*, Fantasy Romance, Royalty & Nobility, Enemies-to-Lovers, G!P*, and a cliffhanger.

Words: 114,000

*See the author’s blog for more details about Omegaverse and related terms.

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