Old Flame, New Fire

By Serenity Snow

Is the fire hotter the second time around?

For Andy Blackmore, now is the time to up the ante in her political career. She’s ready to push all distractions aside and run for mayor. But, when her manager insists dating the right woman will change her image, Andy’s skeptical. What could be worse or more distracting?

Cinnamon is looking to better her career but playing “girlfriend” to a mayor hopeful isn’t exactly what she had in mind. Being paired with her old flame isn’t the worst thing that could happen, but falling in love with her all over again…

Finding out who the faux girlfriend is, makes Andy wary, but learning it’s Cinnamon’s ideas that her manager has been working from convinces Andy that Cinnamon is exactly what her career needs. However, the incumbent mayor has more to lose than just another term. He will do whatever it takes to force Andy out of the running, even set her up for murder.

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