Old Palmetto Drive

By S.E. Reed

From NYC's high society, to Florida's murky Everglades, Rian's in for one hot summer in this queer coming-of-age!

“I don’t care! I am NOT moving to Florida.”

Parent’s nasty divorce – Check
Dead relatives – Check
Moving 1,800 miles to the middle of nowhere – Check, Check, Check

Teen socialite Rian Callusa knows her privileged New York life is over as they drive down a backwoods road toward her new home. But instead of pulling up to a dusty shack, her jaw drops when her Mom parks in front of a stylish mansion. Maybe she doesn’t know as much about her Mom as she thought.

While Rian spends time in the Everglades with her cousins, Travis and Sam, and falls head over heels for vintage-loving Justine, she learns it isn’t just her Mom keeping secrets. They’ve all got secrets too. Until one fateful night, the dark, murky waters of the swamp decide to tell the story about what really happened on Old Palmetto Drive.

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