One Step at a Time

The Taste of Port Andrea Series, Book 3

By Lily Seabrooke

New pâtissier Remi was intent on not falling for a woman.

Remington Bennett starts her new life in a new city with a key resolution: do not fall for a woman. She doesn’t even get out of the subway before she falls for one—literally.

Dana Gallagher’s life is storybook-perfect, but she’s never connected with anything deeply. But when the girl who saved her from an accident turns out to be her new apprentice at the bakery for the summer, sparks fly hard enough she might just be willing to risk her heart after all.

But with Remi trying her damnedest to act straight for fear of the powerful family she left behind, can they find their way to bind together, or are they destined to crumble?

One Step at a Time is a 90,000-word summertime bakery romance in the Taste of Port Andrea collection, an unordered collection of culinary romances set in the fictional city of Port Andrea. Features a bisexual lead who somehow thinks being bisexual means she can decide to only be attracted to men, a pansexual lead with a pansexual sister, Avery Lindt from Fake It trying her best to make Remi see reason, “there’s more than one bed but they find excuses to have to share a bed anyway,” and more mutual pining than you can shake a baguette at. Content warnings for open-door sex scenes, an overbearing mother, Emmanuel telling bad jokes, and a lot of food descriptions, because apparently I write books to make myself hungry.

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