Paper Hearts

The WaterColor Romance Series, Book 3

By Jenn Bridges

Can her biggest heartbreak lead to her forever love?

Jordan Foxx is driven, beautiful and successful. She’s surrounded by great friends and has built an amazing life for herself. One thing she doesn’t have, is someone to share that life with. No matter how many dates she goes on she can’t seem to find “the one”. Her bestfriend Allison says she’s picky, but Jordan prefers to call herself discerning. With Allison’s wedding quickly approaching the only thing on Jordan’s mind is being the best maid of honor ever. That is until Reese stumbles through the doors of her animal rescue one day. There’s something different about Reese from the beginning. Everytime things heat up between them Reese puts out the flame.

Reese spent her life striving towards her goals. She was going to be a lieutenant with the Atlanta Fire Department. Reese almost had the life of her dreams. She was a firefighter in Atlanta, and she was engaged to her longtime girlfriend. But one night of tragedy left her injured and unsure of her future. Now here she is one year later, living with her parents, jobless, and girlfriendless. Her life lacks direction and Reese feels stagnant. Until she happens to stumble into Happy Paws Wagging Tails Rescue. That’s where she meets Jordan. Reese is instantly attracted to Jordan. And when Jordan asks her out, Reese can’t help but say yes. But everytime Jordan gets close, Reese remembers the scars from her injury. She remembers the nightmares that plague her sleep. Reese can’t let Jordan get too close, but she’s entranced by Jordan. Can she trust Jordan enough to let her inside? If you enjoy a slow burn romance, with fun side characters then this is the romance for you.

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