Playing House

The Kiss Me Quick Series, Book 3

By Edie Marr

Let's Pretend We're Back Together

When Sasha’s enigmatic and sinfully attractive ex Fox emails her, explaining that she has inherited her Great Aunt Poppy’s gorgeous country cottage in the South Downs, on the condition she lives there for a year with Sasha, Sasha really ought to tell her to get lost.

Fox shattered Sasha’s heart and she’s still not over her beautiful butch redheaded ex girlfriend. But Sasha has never known what’s good for her.

So, despite the protests of Sasha’s best friend Indira, Sasha finds herself packing up her belongings and moving to the countryside. A year of feeding the chickens and eating Fox/s amazing cooking and pretending to everyone that they have rekindled their relationship. When the year is up they go their separate ways and Sasha pockets a nice lump sum from the sale of the cottage.

Or so she thinks. Because there’s a lot Sasha doesn’t know about her sexy ex.

A lesbian romantic comedy romp featuring tropes galore: fake dating, second chance, cottage core bliss, chickens named after the members of ABBA and a smoking hot butch top love interest who cooks.

Spend a year with Sasha and Fox Playing House.

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