Privately Investigated

By Melissa Tereze

Can their fragile, new love withstand the wrath of an ex who refuses to let go?

After ten years in a lonely marriage, Katherine Doyle scraped up the remnants of her self-respect and walked out. Except her ex, Bridget, would rather blow up her phone with pleas and threats than admit it’s over. If the woman would just let her go, Katherine could finally move on and find some happiness…even simply enjoy a little flirtation with the beautifully androgenous, blue-eyed blonde she meets in a coffee shop.

Proving marital infidelity is PI Natalie Barker’s stock in trade. But the moment she meets Bridget Hammond’s allegedly unfaithful wife, the more she’s sure she’s wasting her time. Katherine is a lovely, squeaky-clean breath of fresh air, inside and out. The kind of sweet beauty Natalie wouldn’t bother resisting—if only she wasn’t the subject of Natalie’s investigation.

Inevitably, Natalie and Katherine circle closer and closer until desire grabs hold and catches fire. But even if Katherine can forgive Natalie her secrets, the larger threat remains—one that could wreck more than just their love.

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