Proudly San Diego

The Carlsbad Village Lesbian Romance Series, Book 9

By Sabrina Kane

Sometimes, the love you were looking for lives in another town.

Dr. Charlotte Holden is a pediatrician who dislikes children, but loves making them feel better.

She lives, works and plays in San Diego. In fact, she loves San Diego, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Never mind that most of her friends live in that lesbian vortex known as Carlsbad.

One morning, on her way back to San Diego from Long Beach, Charlotte determines she desperately needs coffee. Though she is very much anti-Carlsbad, and refuses to be sucked into the sapphic black hole that town is, the headache from her caffeine withdrawal gives her no choice. Making a detour into the place she derisively calls Vanessaville, she walks into La Vida Mocha for the very first time…

Grace Kelly (yes, that’s her real name) is a bartender at Laguna Labs—the unofficial lesbian bar of Carlsbad. She is also a lesfic author currently working on her third book, which will no doubt end in another happily-ever-after, while she continues searching for one of her own.

Like the other outer circle lesbians in Carlsbad, Grace thought she knew who all of the women in Vanessa’s inner circle were. But when she sees Vanessa hugging the stunning woman who just walked into La Vida Mocha, she has no idea who it is. But she wants to. Good heavens, does she want to…

And when Charlotte lays eyes on the gorgeous bartender, suddenly Carlsbad doesn’t seem like such a bad place after all…

“Proudly San Diego” is the latest installment of Sabrina Kane’s popular Carlsbad Village Lesbian Romance Series!

Funny, sweet, and incredibly sexy, this zero-angst lesbian romance fits right in with the rest of the Carlsbad Village books and will have you laughing while also feeling quite a bit of heat.

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