Punished By the Boss

The Sapphic Submission Series, Book 1

By Josie Bale

If she wants to save her job, she’s going to have to accept a punishment from the boss!

When Alina makes a coding mistake that creates a lot of extra work for the team, her boss Ruth is furious. Ruth gives her an ultimatum: pack up her stuff and leave, or submit to a spanking. Alina has never been spanked before, so she figures it won’t be too bad. To her surprise, not only is the spanking much more painful than she anticipated, but it’s also turning her on!

Even though she’s not a lesbian, Alina has often fantasized about doing dirty things with her beautiful female boss. When Ruth brings her to completion as a reward for enduring the humiliating punishment, Alina can’t help but wonder if this is the beginning of something wonderful…

She’ll be naughty all day long if there’s a happy ending!

“Punished By the Boss” is part of the Sapphic Submission series. These sexy and fun stories follow the adventures of the employees at WLW Technology, where getting in trouble can lead to bare bottomed punishments from the lesbians in charge. These books are intended for mature audiences.

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