Rock My Heart

By Emma Nichols

Can Devin stop her heart from breaking twice?

Escaping the pain of the loss of her wife by burying herself in her work as an ER doctor is no longer an option. Completely burnt out, Maddison Hernandez is close to making a tragic mistake that could end her career and cost someone their life. With her sanity on the line, the extended vacation she’d reluctantly booked to the sleepy town of Austin, Nevada, can’t come soon enough. But when Maddie meets Devin at the Wild Horse n’ Retreat, she will need to come to terms with more than she anticipated.

Devin’s life couldn’t be more different than Maddie’s. It’s simple, wholesome, and she’s surrounded by nature and those she loves. She has an affinity with horses and works with them to help emotionally troubled kids. Alice is one of those kids. But having had her heart broken by her ex and abandoned the idea of adopting a child, Devin has vowed never to get too attached to anyone ever again. Can she stop her heart from breaking twice as Alice grows closer to her and her feelings for Maddie deepen?

Rock My Heart is the latest page-turner from bestselling lesbian romance author, Emma Nichols.

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