Rogues, Purebreds, and Watchers

The Hawthorn's Revolution Series, Book 2

By Amy DeMeritt

As Sabine's ability continue to grow, the word impossible begins to lose all meaning.

On the night of Elena and her initiation into Hawthorn — the most powerful vampire organization in the world — Sabine granted the request of the leaders to steal the memories of Ivory, an ancient vampire connected to an appalling plan to start a war between the species that would result in the enslavement of humanity.

While most are grateful to Sabine for her sacrifice, and also see the value and potential for her new-found abilities, not all view them as gifts; some view her abilities as a threat. While she relays the information she learned from Ivory’s memories, the seeds of distrust and fear of Sabine and her abilities grow and take root within Hawthorn.

But Sabine didn’t just learn about the war from Ivory’s memories, and when those controlled by jealousy and fear make an attempt for her life, she unlocks knowledge and abilities lost to their kin tens of thousands of years ago, abilities that shatter the meaning of the word impossible and give Hawthorn an edge that technology could never compete with.

The discovery of this lost knowledge and the teachable abilities ignites the start of Hawthorn’s Revolution. The past and present have been bridged, giving them a stronger path to tread as they strive to protect the future for all species.

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