Seance and Sensibility

The Evie Chester Case File Series, Book 5

By Nita Round

Is any body there?

Why, Godwyn, Why?

There is only one question Hesta wants to ask her brother, and that is why? Why did he sell her? Why did he make her a slave? Why didn’t he tell her what he had done?

But there is a problem; Godwyn is dead and even the voice of a siren cannot penetrate through the realms of the dead. She must be content with not knowing.

A group of mediums arrive in Bristelle, they offer solace to a city suffering the aftermath of Gho Fever. They bring kind words from the other side and promises of comfort with their proof of life beyond death.

Evie doesn’t trust them. To her, the dead should be left to rest in peace. Talking to the dead is only going to invite trouble. But Hesta needs answers and persuades Evie to help by attending an evening of mediumship.

Do these self-professed speakers for the dead speak true, or are they filled with false hope and lies? Will any one of them be able to give Hesta the answer she craves?

Evie and Hesta must find out for themselves. But will they like what they discover?

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