She’s Irresistible

The Cozy Bend Romance Series, Book 6

By Serenity Snow

The only thing she wanted was the job of her dreams, but what she got was the sexy younger woman who blew her world all apart.

Randi Zimmerman had known Brionna most of Brionna’s life, and she knew what a flirt she was. However, Randi was unprepared for the moment when Brionna turned her attention on hers. The timing was wrong, the ache to touch her overpowering, but Randi was determined to have one taste and walk away. After all, Brionna couldn’t possibly be into her brand of kink.

However, one moment cracks her resolve, and one sweet kiss sets her on fire enticing Randi to chase a fantasy that could destroy her chances of a dream job and cost her a relationship with her daughters.

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