The Sea Goblins Series, Book 1

By Juniper Butterworth

Can a pirate captain and a magical goat whisperer ever find lasting love? f/f fantasy adventure novella, 40,000 words

The quiet daily routine of the sea goblin village is upended by the wreck of a pirate ship in the harbor. Tellop, who wrangles magical goats, rushes down to help the hapless crew, only to be instantly smitten with the dashing Captain Heron.

Heron has been navigating one disaster after another since her twin sister, Haven, gave birth to a rare goblin baby two years ago, and now she just wants to get her ship patched up so she can get back to raiding dreamstone caves for enchanted dishes. Heron has no intention of a pleasurable nighttime encounter with Tellop becoming anything more than a temporary liaison. But when the captain’s niece is kidnapped by goats and taken to a magical pocket world, the two goblins must work together to rescue the baby from learning the worst manners possible.


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